My experience

Edmund Lo was born in Sabah and obtain Higher Diploma in Marketing in the year of 2000.

I start my career as a sales executive at I-Bhd a public listed company in year 2000.
The territory which in-charge by me was Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei and Labuan.
During the services with I-Bhd, give me the opportunity diversify into the electric and IT industry. Im selling the I-Brand product such as air-conditioning, fridge, computer and so fourth...
Beside gain the selling experience, i also gain the marketing tactic, project management and bargaining tactic...

With the experience I gain during my services with I-Bhd, lead me explore the business world!

Therefore I start up my own business when I was 23 years old in 2002! The first industry I diversified was IT industry and during that time it was a hot industry!

Initial I open the retail outlet selling IT products such as personal computer, notebook, accessories and so fourth. Some of the products and brands which I was the first one bring into the Sabah market! I still remember that on that time im the only one selling USB drive in Sabah! 16mb USB Drive selling at RM 350! Wow!!! Expensive right? Frankly my margin during that's period is very fantastic!

Beside of doing retail market i also doing the wholesale of the IT products!

I have told all my customers that, in the coming future this kind of products with be the trend such as Notebook, USB Drive, Laser Printer, WiFi and so fourth! Im the first one who start sell this kind of products in Sabah!

Been doing IT hardware products for a few years and realise that, hardware product margin become lesser and lesser therefore I decide diversified into the software industry!

I was partnering with one software engineer and one hardware engineer to kick off the Smart Home project. During the demo unit preparation times, IM starting to look for my investor for the Smart Home project! Finally I find an investor invest for my project, unfortunately due to some arguments with the investor, finally the project had to stop in the half way... so sad about it! Anyway even the Smart Home project cannot successfully kick off, but it won't disappoint me, after that I start off another project!

The project which i develop is Public Parking System! This system is the first wireless system to be launch in the market! The system is ready to kick off, unfortunately the concessioner unable to kick off this project due to some political issues!

In the year of 2006, I have completed the following licenses such as:-

• Completed Securities Commission Module 6 & 7 in 2006
• Completed FMUTM Unit Trust Examination in 2006
• Completed Pre-contract Examination for insurance agents certificate in 2006
• Completed Certificate in Investment-linked life insurance in 2006

2006 make a big changes in my business life because I leave the IT industry!

Since I completed the investment licenses, therefore i diversified into the financial investment industry!
I had been full times as stock trader and investment specialist for 6 months continuously. During this periods, I gain my income from stock trading and sell financial products such as unit trust, insurance and investment link.

After six months in financial industry, I diversified into building material industry. During my services in the building material industry, I gain a lots of experiences in construction and building material industry and this prepare myself to enter the property market in 2008!

It take me 2 years to learn how to become a property developer from "A" to "Z"! I will share with you guys that how to become a property developer, this will help a lots for those interest to run the property developer business!

2010 is another new era for my business life! Im self employed now! I "parking" at a property agent company as property negotiator and do some marketing business such as shopping mall specialist & retail specialist!

Presently Im still self employed and I also became Cosway Tutor as well!